1. Ghost Train To Africa

Need a shoulder to rest my head, when life turns cold,

Feel all alone as I sit here remembering all the stories you told.

And as my girl and me fight, she’s walked out yet again,

I miss your presence, as you'd stop me from going insane.


Let’s smoke a "Cancer-stick" just like we used to,

Sitting in your room, talking about Kate and Tina too.

We joked about me being brown and you being white,

We'd argue about worthless things - then get into another stupid fight.

I'm on a train now, taking me back in time,

On a sad journey yet with your lovely memories playing on my mind.

We now belong to two different worlds my friend,

You died and now you've gone, I'm still here feeling bad that you went.

We used to sit together, chat up the women sitting with us,

Not a truth in our stories, a wicked smile in our minds,

They fell for it, and if you were dating someone that night,

You’d pester me the next day - about what went wrong and what went right.


You left Britain and went back to your lovely country Africa,

You were so much in love with the country and its people, living in Botswana.

You used to call me and talk about dope, sex and women you met

Write to me the jokes about the women with who you slept.

Now I'm on this train, journey to Africa,

Looking for the soul of my best friend in Botswana.

You felt low and killed yourself man,

Smiling Andrew - you did a thing I'm still trying to understand.