A Locale Fondness

See this lovely river, lonely in the vast rice field,

it adds its own flavor to this beautiful village scene,

with coconut trees alongside her from her beginning to her end,

Just the fields, the trees and the river, living in Mother nature like old friends.


In the summer, little kids play there,

cute giggling souls with smiling faces everywhere.

They would only stop their game to tease

the local guy and girl who walked hand-in-hand there.


The young damsels of the village would sit together near the river,

while the local dudes would impress them differently - each one trying to be a sweet talker.

They'd tease one another, and pick on somebody different everyday,

talk the street, talk the youth, and talk the rebellious and impressive way.


Then came the man from the city, and a new plan in his mind,

to build his techo-dream this was the best place he could find.

They bribe the officials then pay and threaten the local farmer,

he has been robbed, now he is unemployed, it is a complete disaster.


No body thinks about Mother Nature,

we all sit back and watch greed rape her.

With concrete and steel coming up all around,

No more trees, no more fields - the kids lost their playing ground.


We need the plants, the fields and the river,

the global warming has started so at least let us stop and fear.

The money rises in the banks, as such fields and rainforest go down,

where is Mother nature, amidst this concrete jungle ground?


Be aware my people, do something, itís time to get your act together,

you played in a field, and so many a time you fell in that lovely river.

what about the kids who will come into this world in the future,

just concrete and steel - no fields, trees and river and maybe no Mother Nature.