The Exhibition

I better have a shower, I better clean up,

wear my best clothes, be well dressed up.

Iím going to town tonight,

Iíve been invited by the upper class, Iím so nervous I hope it goes right.

A rich friend of mine is throwing a party,

to celebrate his first prize win, in the world of photography.


So there I went all smart and well behaved,

to watch in admiration the work my friend had made.

He had the third world and the poor on the street

without food, and wounds from their head to their feet.

I stood there stoned, my heart started to pain,

while the rest socialized and laughed, all going insane.

I cried and said "itís nothing to laugh about ",

but realized my cry went down in vain.


Come along you rich, come to the exhibition,

watch a child die on the street, come watch in admiration.

Spill the champagne, and food goes to waste,

perhaps it didnít have the right taste.

So out goes the food into the garbage bin.

As heartless smiles look at those photographs,

those helpless cry, the rich laugh in sin,

made we realize, what sort of a world we live in