On The 8th Day

On the 8th day, GOD must have sat down

and looked at the world below,

Looking at that lovely creation,

there was something else he could add, he thought so.


So he began to think about this thing

and smiled as he started to work on it.

He said "there’s gotta be a paradise on earth,

and this place is going to be it".


He said:

Let there be trees and trees appeared,

and mountains let there be.

Let there be golden sand, and the ground got covered

and let there be the most beautiful sea

Let there be a lot of greenery,

and lets add the smile that will signify this land.

Without any tall buildings but gardens where they can all have a ball,

let this place, GOA - be the most beautiful of all.


Let there be love, humour and evil the least,

let them eat and dance for their feast.

and music and joy, let this place be the opposite of hell,

with peace and love being what this land will have to tell.