Dusty Road

Oh! Dusty road, in front of my small house,

Rusty dusty road, getting older by the day,

Dusty Road, lead me to my walk,

along side the feet of the hills and the mouth of the river,

be my companion, shed a tear, share a laughter.

The government men care not how they drive,

there they go in their vehicles leaving stain on you of another life,

Oh dusty road, now you've got your self in a mess.


Look at your body now, you've been run over,

and greedy politicians and dirty contractors will all work together,

to mend you annually with big budgets in hand,

they spend a quarter of that on you the rest works in their bank


Oh Dusty road, blow not this filth into my house,

It smells of dirty tricks played by the human race,

It sleeps around the house, displaying the story

of the wealthy relaxing and the innocent working hard in vain.

And if I do wipe the dust off my humble belongings,

it covers the fact that I have stayed numb, not doing anything to stop these happenings.


Oh Dusty Road, right in front of my little home,

telling me a new story every time the dust comes in.

Dusty road - tell me what can I do, to clean you up

so that your dust will not tell me the same old stories it used to.