The Drummer Boy

Can you hear the distant drum, playing that Christmas song?

About the little drummer boy, who went to meet the child?

Can you feel the pride in his voice, and the innocence on his face?


Someday, I too want to sing, and beat the drum like the drummer boy.

Not about a child or a king, neither about any living thing.

I want to sing when we are free, when we see pain in anotherís eye.

When our pride drops from the sky, I shall sing and play until I die.


I want my neighbour to have what I have, and I want what he has got.

I want a house for those who havenít lived in a house before.

The day will come, I hope soon,

when all will be equal, no racism, no cast.

Just a world of people like me and you,

so that when I start to sing, you can join in too.