Daddy's Home

There's a place up above on the mountain top

that's being built for children of a lesser God

There are trees and cool breeze and perhaps the thought of touching the clouds

The birds sing as they dance just above you and you smile admiringly

Sitting on the steps of your outdoor auditorium with your friends happily

it doesn't matter that your labeled ‘mentally retarded’, you can still live your life sweetly.


And there comes Valmiki in his jeep, he'll take you for a ride maybe,

if you are good, he'll strum his guitar and sing a song gently.

You'll are life, life the lovely and wonderful way

you'll are innocence and sweetness that mankind has forgotten today

If only people would learn from you'll the love and sweetness that you'll hold

man could learn from you'll the real meaning of being strong and bold


These are the kids who now have a home, they now have a school

playing together, living life, learning and being happy and cool

It is hope for them, a chance, that they have been deprived of before,

shame the church and politicians aren't helping, however they should know

that sinners and smilers are working towards this deed

using the street way to meet up to these lovely children's need.


So little GOA, now has turned even brighter,

the kids are smiling, things are sure going to get better.

They can smile, laugh, live in the entire world, no more are they alone,

this is the beginning. An example to us all. Miki and his daddy's home.