Compilation Note

This book is a compilation of my poems that I have written over the years. 28 colorful years that have shown me shades of brightness, darkness, romance, break-ups, heart-breaks, success, failure, the good, bad and the unmentionable.

The 28 years have made me a Goan, an Indian and a Citizen of the world. As I now travel through my 29th year, the final before the "Lets-get-serious' 30, I thought 'why not do something of a milestone' to end up on.

The 29th year has been good so far, the year I refer to as the "make it or screw-it-up" year. So living on the edge ( ! ) is definitely in. It's time to take the chances, get the balls to (hopefully) live my life the way I want to and not just the way I have to. In particular I hope I can give the world, my art, expressions and emotions. A bonus would be to be noticed by the world, as the guy who wants to say something.

This book is my gift to the world that I live in. It was originally released as a mere 100 copies, each of which was personally signed by Tagore with a hand written serial number, and presented to loved ones, friends and above all people from across the world who have either inspired, impressed and/or entertained me, made me laugh, cry or even taught me something valuable. This virtual issue is the gift to all those I haven't had the pleasure of knowing and meeting.

Goan Smiles and peaceful living