A Day Without Your Love.

Went to the high street, decided to spend some money,

Walked around looking at the shops hoping to spend heavily on nothing.

Saw a little street child at the traffic lights, he kept looking at me,

He seemed to be hungry and pale, he spent his life just begging.


No love, no clothes, no one to call his other half,

Yet the child had a smile in his face,

Made me look at myself and think

I Left on a low called disgrace.


Why do I need the love of another to survive to another day,

Why doesn't food and life fill me up, why is it just what you say?

When there are millions of helpless who have nothing they can call their own,

And here I am, my meal isnít good if I don't eat with you, and I begin to moan.


What a guy? What a crazy thing called love?