A Sweet Child

(Duggie's Song)

In a crowded city, an old man tried to cross the street,

Paths that were once familiar, were now strangers to his feet.

Traffic lights had replaced, the friendly hand that could stop a car,

Life had moved on, smiles were a distant past, time had traveled far.


He managed to cross the street and saw a little girl on the other side,

She smiled at the stranger, as he looked at her smile so pure.

He asked her directions to a temple, as he confessed he wasn't sure.

She politely told him the road, and the easiest way to go.


The man was still confused so the little angel offered to walk him there,

She wanted to hop, skip and run, but she refrained because she did care,

For the man who walked slowly along with her,

She told him stories as the temple got near.


He thanked the child and deep within he felt

Her politeness made his old heart melt.

As she walked away, she sneezed and then apologized sympathetically,

He looked and said 'Bless you' and winked at her,

The girl smiled, blushed, laughed and then sat on the steps happily.

All of sudden, he couldn't take another step,

Something had caught up with him.

The child reminded him of someone from his life behind,

He spoke to the child and confirmed the thought in his mind.

She was the child of a lovely woman he once knew,

The sweet child couldn't have belonged to anyone but to you..