A Beast Called Man.


Sometimes late at night, when I'm awake, I start thinking,

What would the world be like, if you were to stop smiling?

Would the sun fight to shine, through the pouring rain,

Just like sweetness disappearing in the voice of your pain.

To my horror, the thought broke free and became reality,

this boy hated the beast called man, that is a part of me.


When I felt the cry in your voice, the world became a horrible place,

The tears seemed to wash away happiness from your lovely face.

I wished I was there beside you, to make you understand,

To tell you that you were right about the beast called 'Bastard' that lived within man.

However, despite this baby, the world is still being as lovely as it can,

And your smile still means happiness and love, even to the bastard called man.


So live my girl, the world needs you more than you know,

Even the free birds in the skies try to be like you, wherever they go.

Believe me my precious, there is something that you must know and understand,

that is I couldn't love you anymore than I do, even though I am a bastard called man.

You are and will always be my precious one, I'll make you smile for as long as I can,

else baby, for the first time ever, I'd hate the fact that I am a man.