If You Were To Look Down


I know you've been watching me, watching every step I take,

You've been sad when I did wrong, and you've smiled with the good that I make.

You're the loved one way above in the skies, Looking down at me,

You were once family, now you are my guiding angel, watching over me.


I'm sorry for the bad things that I have done,

And I thank you for being there with me, while I've been on the run.

I'm just a poor man now, yet rich in this new life that I have found,

I hope you do smile at me, if you were to look down.


God must be hearing a lot about me from you,

I know you keep telling him about all the stupid things that I used to do.

I'm not like that anymore, I've tried to be a better man,

I've really learnt to respect everything, even that which I do not understand.


I hope you're proud of me, I'm sorry I didn't make you proud when you were here,

Arrogance and rebelling was used to hide my pain and my fear.

But thank you for the prayers, and thanks for this new meaning that I have found,

I know you'd be so proud of me now, if you were to look down.