My Child, Where Are You Off To?


In these fields where the crops once lived,

I see you running with open arms.

You seem to be happy, and the river and the trees seen to be smiling

As you dance to the sound of your own tune, and GOD watches you playing.


You might be wild and untamed, but you have a heart the wants to reach out,

You seem to be so little, yet there's so much you want to say and shout.

In a world that's so full of money and differences between people around,

They seems to have forgotten about the peace and love they had once found.


Will you be able to remind them of the good they have forgotten now?

And if so will they listen? Will you be able to show them how?

Most know your best friend in heaven, but they call him by a different name,

Alleluia. Bismillah. Hare, Hare. Why won't they realize that he is the same?


But don't you loose heart my precious son, as you run in the fields from today,

Run in happiness, face the challenges but remind people of yesterday's good today.

Tell them of the colours of the rainbow, and how they live here on earth within us all,

One World, One Religion, One Race and Colour to us all.


Go sing it on the mountain, tell them that you are the uncultured one,

sing the songs of love and peace that people had once sung.

Tell them to kill their differences and accept all and everyone most sincerely,

Tell them about peace and love, even though you do keep uncultured company.