Release Note

Welcome to the 5th installment of my poems. Well I had promised not to be back before the millenium and so I have kept my word on that.

This is more of a thanks giving, appreciation and respect sort of book. I have a lot to be grateful for and to. Anyway, let the poems speak for themselves, and if that does not work, then read the acknowledgements at the end (ha!)

I have a lot of happiness within me, and am greatly honored to have got a number of people involved with writing a poem called 'A New Time' in this book. The poem is a simple wish, put forward by a group of beautiful people who gave me their time, to hold my hands and pray for something very simple, yet important. This poem has been written by the living legend and gem of a man Dr. Manohar Sardesai, One of the most beautiful humans around Mr. Romeo Almeida, the Boy-from-Bangalore and friend Feroz and the ever so lovely yet will kill me oneday Mufeeda Ahamad and my precious and ofcourse gorgeous Cindy D'Silva. They reached out and made a dream come true.

Also for the very first time I decided not to design the front cover myself, and a very lovely woman, who is incredibly talented reached out and designed the front cover for this book. So I'm proud to say that I have an original Amrita Gidwani as the cover for Colours.

Goan Smiles and peaceful living