Colours - II


If there ever was a world, wherein I could take you

to free you from these chains of differences, wed be there long ago.

If there ever was a love, that smiled and yet pained so beautifully,

It would be the one I have found in loving you, a love never felt before.


I wish the world wasn't full of different religions and cultures,

I wish our parents had it in their hearts to see us together, and the happiness in us.

If life itself is a canvas, then I think that these emotions are the colours splashed all over here,

Plain simple colours like us, that bring out different shades like emotions, when we get near.


I know that I could love you for the rest of my life,

In my dreams, in this world, during every moment of happiness and of strife.

To me, you are the love, the way GOD intended people to love,

You are the angel from heaven who was sent to love me from above.


Yet, GOD gave you a different culture and your religion has a different name,

All my life I have fought to uphold the fact that all of these are the same.

But you don't see it this way, to you these are differences that exist all around,

Shame, all that I've been fighting for has become the very thing that has let me down.


But I must move on, I'm adamant to fight and kill the hatred in differences between us all,

I will fight till my last breath, I really want to fight it out until I fall.

Fighting for the dream that lived within me, and pushing you and your reality away

I will always praise my dream, Alleluia. Bismillah. Hare, Hare.