The Post Man Doesn't Know (how to do his job)


I waited for the first post to arrive, and the post man walked past my door,

I wanted to call out to him and tell him that he was missing my door.

But I let him go by, knowing that he'd turn around and come back to me

Cause at the end of the street, he'd realize that he has a letter from you to me.


Turn around Mr. Post man, don't you know that there's a letter for me,

My baby would never stay without writing to me.

So turn around, and come back, before you go,

Bring my baby's letter to my door.


Oh Lord, The post man doesn't know (how to do his job)

Does he have to forget my letter, as he walks past my door,

Oh come on Mr. Post you really don't know (how to do your job)

Before my heart breaks down once more.


I took a walk to the post office, after the second post came

And asked them for a letter that had my name.

They searched the place and told me what I already knew,

I walked back home, without a letter from you.


Oh Lord, The post office don't know (how to do his job)

They seem to have my other post that come to my door,

Oh come one Mr. Post Man, you really don't know (how to do your job)

No letters from my baby. Oh Mr. Post man, I can't take this anymore.