okay so the poems didn't work eh? So you decided to read the acknowledgements and see who I was thanking.

To start with Iíve got to thank GOD for everything in my life, for being a damn good friend, and for all the lovely things and people I have in my life today. I have never been so rich.

My lovely parents for loving me so deeply, just the way I am. I know I have been the cause of a lot of their worries recently. Sorry!! But you know I love you guys incredibly. My dearest Eugene for all the help and support, my precious sister Cookie who now speaks Portuguese Ďnao faz malí!!. My every so precious niece Elaine and my incredibly adorable nephew Ethan. I love you guys just to deep.

Again Eugene and then George, Rahul and Cassy for being crazy enough to be uncultured and yet beautiful enough to care. In respect and in love, and in my prayers so that we can make it, in this otherwise cultured world.

Duggie, you've mattered to much to be true. I hope that you'll always know that you are a special person, not just to me, but to all those whose paths you cross.

My dearest Dr. Manohar, thank you so much for being there to listen to me, to guide me and to enlighten me about so many lovely things in life. Thank you for your contribution to "A New Time'. It has really been a childhood dream come true to work with you. Similarly, it was a first time and also a special moment for me to have worked with my father on 'A New Time'. Feroz 'I am from Bangalore' and the ever so lovely Mufeeda, thank you for making the time and sitting to write 'A New Time' with me. Last but by no means least, my lovely, sweet, gorgeous, wonderful, always ready to sweetly fight, intelligent neighbour Cindy, for coming over and working on 'A New Time' while I sat there not k knowing a word of French. Thank you all of you, for reaching out to pray for a simple little star

My cool and always there Bharat, the ready to fight with me always Amrita and the most adorable Tashu. I could never get tired of loving you lot. Similarly, you my dear Vasu for all your weird help, time and friendship. Ritesh, for never making sense and you never will either. To all at SSI, specially Pauly for bravely going where no Java programmer has gone before (3rd party JDBC tools). Thanks to Khushi for putting up with my "I am good at Java aren't I?" lines every single day. Thank you for the lifts, sandwiches and cokes. Vandana, one day we'll sit down and not have a fight, thanks for all the help and support. Amit Kapoor, sort out your act man, glad that you're back from Germany, lets kick some arse now!!!

Tulika, I hope that one day I will stop being so tremendously fond of you. You take me for granted, let me down, fight with me and then just in a second get me to come running back to you. This has to stop, else people are going to talk about us. Oh yes, I know, I do have a very sexy voice.

Gill Peters, my dearest Pakette, you are missed and thought of often. I consider myself fortunate to have the friendship of someone as lovely, witty and wonderful as you.

Cyra, Cindy and Queenie. it's always feels good to see you'll and to spend time with you'll. Lovelyn the wind beneath my wings, the one that I am grateful to (as you always remind me). Rema, the world is still full of pleasant surprises when you're around.

Pravesh Sippy & Ashu Trikha thank you very much for making Bollywood have a heart. Thank you for all the time, support and guidance that you'll have showered me with, while handling me and my movie script. I don't think that I could have ever asked for anyone better then yourselves to go through my script. Thank you guys very much, besides that, I do like the sense of humour that flows across the room when we get together.

Fredrick and Pamella, for doing my first ever interview. It was cool and I really liked it. Thanks for being there to help me. To Marlon, Mr. Menezes, Freddy and all at GOACOM, thanks ghuys for your help and support. Alexyz, you are so wonderful to talk to, I love your cartoons and more than that love the fact that I can call you and get advise from you. My dearest Remo, I am so proud of you, and hope that I can be half as sweet as you.

My lovely Dr. Ravi and Chayya, oh yes and Rohit and Rohan I guess, for still putting up with me. Ino and Sophia for still being so sweet and lovely.

To all of you out there, I love you all. Keep the faith and know that it's all just one and the same, just different shades of the same colour.