About The Author

Eh….! I'm always lost when I write this. I've spent more time breaking my head on this page than on writing the actual poems. So what I've come up with is something that is not really about me as a person, i.e a guy who lives in GOA, has 4 dogs etc. I decided to write a bit about COLOURS and hopefully this will give you'll an insight into the sort of freak I really am.

COLOURS is actually my last book of poems. Yeap with this I am going to stop writing poetry, or verses as I call them. I am not going to write until I find some convincing answers to a lot of questions that seem to occupy a major chunk of my personal life. Besides finding these answers, I then have to come to terms with a lot of it.

I would like however, all of you to remember just one thing and that is for you'll to know and sincerely believe, that there is just 'One World, One Religion and One Race. One Colour and just a different face'. As bitter, as unrealistic and as hard as this might seem at times, survive the tide of the moment and raise to still remember this line. This is really one of the ways that we can unite and hopefully move to a better world. Respect all and their views, but never make these differences a reason to come in the way of something as beautiful as friendship and above all love.

The key to a better world lies within you and only you. GOD made man, and man made these differences and partitions. How wonderful must the world have been, before man learnt to hate and acquire jealousy?

I somehow feel that man was made to think, so that he would appreciate the life that he was given, instead man thought and the world became what it is today. On this lovely huge canvas called life, there seem to be strokes of dark colours in the form of religions, race and countries. What about the lovely colours that we were all born with? The colours of love in the beauty of our different faces.

There's a little bit of wonderful you within me, and I hope that my work lets you soak in a little bit of weird me in you.