There's always light, at the end of every tunnel

There is always sunshine at the end of every night

There's always a rose, living at the edge of a thorny branch

There is always a smile that will make things alright.


Hear the angel darling, hear him talk to you

Telling you that he is in heaven and is now watching you.

Listen to him talk, hear his laugh, yet know that he misses you to,

Hear the angel whisper darling, that he'll always be with you.


Faith took a bad turn, and snatched him away from your life one day

And suddenly the road ahead began to look so gloomy and gray.

But feel the angel hold your hand and help you through strife,

Hear the angel whisper, asking you to smile all through your life.


It seems so lonely, but darling there's nothing to fear

Start living again, and hear the angel whisper.