There were times when all that mattered was to be cool,

Be known amongst friends as the guy they could count on.

Hang around time, sleek as can be,

Hanging out seemed to look so good on me.


I saw people get drunk & end up in bed for the night,

One of them would leave quietly before the morning light.

Precautions not in sight, the burden lies on the girl,

Birth on remote lands, bringing an orphan in the world.


You must have known a friend, who you liked a lot,

You never really said much about the drugs he got.

One cold turkey, a joint smoked, or a heroin shot in the vein,

You're still quite, as his life went down the drain.


I know a rock'n roll band, I know them well,

Music is no longer art, it's a product they want to sell.

They play good tunes, not necessarily singing what they have to say,

Feeling no responsibility towards the people who hear them play.


I've seen people exploit the freedom that we hold,

And conveniently blame it on sex, drugs and rock'n roll.

Stupidity rules and to socializing we loose our soul

We do drugs and sex, and blame it on rock'n roll!!