I know a sadist, a self-centered mother f**ker,

A snake in the grass, a chameleon amidst human beings.

I know this sleazy wimp, who'll smile yet stab you in the back.


Words can be played with, a blacked heart that can see no white,

Jealousy lives there, thriving on doing wrong but covered with what looks right.

Take others for granted, never an appreciation, even to them who are a friend,

I wonder if this bastard himself knows that he is evil. Does he understand?


He will back bite, and can change his tune at any time,

He'd lie in friendship and to him that's fine.

An arrogant fool, who lives within walls of his stupid pride.

He can't be a friend, and is comfortable with similar people by his side


As of now I've forgiven this once-a-friend and just let him be

I wish him no harm, I'm told he is suffering internally.

I knew this bastard, and it took me a while to see things through

I know such a bastard, do you?