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Don't let go of the roots that you hold on to,

You are the pillar in this little world on mine.

You are my love, my strength in everything I do,

You make sense of madness, making it all fine.


I've been in love with you, from the moment that we met,

I used you as my pillar and took all that I could get.

And now that you're sick, and may not be around for long,

I feel so lonely, so helpless and everything I did seems so wrong.


But hold on darling, just hold on to me,

And selfishly I beg, that you fight this illness and live for me.

Not for me to use you, but let me now be there for you,

I want you to live, so that I can love you.


So will you let me love, and make you smile like I use to,

Will you let me cook you a meal, and mess up the kitchen like I use to.

Can we kiss always, in the bedrooms, corridor and in the balcony to,

Will you be strong and get well, for me to love you.