I've never know an angel before, I've just read about them, that's all.

And then you came along baby, into this world like a little doll.

Mama & me stay awake, thanks to the odd times that you want to play,

We've had to stop our lives, and adjust to your little way.


You'll scream and cry,

You've even learnt to frown and sigh.

Your grandparents see this, and they begin to shout,

Yelling that me and your mother don't know what parenthood is all about.


But then I see you, and I know that I want to give you the best,

You are my child, more precious than the rest.

Twinkle little stars, and the sounds of a lullaby

I feel so empty when I see you cry.


So sleep my precious one, sleep well tonight,

This papa and your mama will always be in sight.

Let the ocean be your bed, and nature your blanket

May you smile in love and in peace, where ever you see it.

You make your grandparents act like children, when they are with you

We're dancing on your fingertips, you know exactly what to do..