The Christmas Carol

And the time has come again, the time my saviour was born.

In the past years, nothing has changed, everything is the same,

except that we’ve changed the rules of life’s game.

We’ve learnt to hurt our neighbours, and fill our minds with pride.

It doesn’t hurt to see a brother in pain, and he’s wife’s cry goes down in vain.


As we sit with our dear ones together, around the delicious Christmas dinner.

Outside your four walls is a woman, she’s looking for some bread, she’s someone’s mother.

She’s looking for help, for money, she’s so sad,

there’s no one to her rescue, her son is ill in bed.

And when she comes home, her starved kids cry for some food,

she puts a meal together, with whatever available, just like a mother would.

Tears in her eyes, there is nothing she can say,

Yes my friend, this is what is happening to somebody, far away on Christmas day.


You buy some new clothes and it seems like fun,

you find some more money, and back to the shops you run.

Gifts are a nice way to show your love to your friends and family,

however it really isn’t a necessity.

And when you wasted some money, & an unnecessary gift you gave,

that mother out there could have easily put her sick son in the grave.


So as you enjoy yourself on Christmas day,

save a prayer, a thought for someone faraway.