I want to hold you, and hug you tight

Let my heart be near your ears and lips, and tell it'll be all right,

You're closer to my heart beat, close enough to hear my heart love you.

Close enough to know that I'll never leave you.


Close your eyes and fear not the worst of dreams,

I'll face All your nightmares and keep away all the fright that you've ever seen.

I'll sing you a song as the clouds spell out your name

I'll be your sunshine, even through the rain. 


I'll never let you shed a tear, you'll never eat another meal alone

I'll give you my love every single day, when you get home

I just want to give you everything, or so it seems

I'll love you deeply to give you all of this, even in your dreams


I'll kiss you, and then again if you want me to,

Let our hearts beat together, beating for just me and you.

I'd give you so much happiness, more than you've ever seen

I want to love you always, love you, even in your dreams