This book is a set of poems or lyrics, as I'd like to refer to them as. These poems are a part of another book that I am currently working on. The book, tentatively titled SANGITH, which I hope will be my first novel, is still in the writing.

SANGITH (which happens to be the name of a band in the book) is being written and visualized as a movie, perhaps because of the fact that I always wanted to make films. So in the tradition of musical cinema, SANGITH does have within it, a number of songs. CHERISH contains the lyrics of the songs from SANGITH. More like the sound track release prior to the actual movie.


I don't know as of now, as to when the novel will be ready, but I hope soon, before the turn of the millenium. That would really be nice.


In the meantime I do hope that you enjoy these poems from SANGITH, which basically keep the main theme of SANGITH in mind while still maintaining it's own independence.


I hope this work really reflects the different shades of love in our lives. On the other hand, I also hope that my readers of Cherish, get reminded that true love is not only about loving deeply, its also about loving equally, about loving sincerely and about loving all that we see, regardless of man made parameters. Music, nature, animals, people are all part of mother Nature's love for us, and it is up to us to accept these things and make them part of our lives.


The world really is too complicated with different sounds, colours, faiths and barriers. We have to live with them, unfortunately breaking them would hurt some people's sentiments, so let us learn to accept all of these things, respect them and love them as much as we love our own. In short, appreciate today, cherish and love her, to make a better tomorrow.


Goan Smiles and wishes