Behind every successful student stands a good teacher,

Behind every good person, there stands a good mother and father.

Beyond the horizon, there seems to be eternity

Beyond the strength in my life, there is you I see.


I would have lost it all, if it wasn't for you,

My success wouldn't still be with me, if you hadn't told me what to do.

I would be ashamed staring at the mirror, looking at the inner me,

If it weren't for you, my precious wife, life wouldn't have beauty.


As the world around, longs to see and hear me,

They don't know that you are the real hero, the power within me.

My music is the result of all the love that you have give me

It seems the Lords made you, made you just to love me.


You know that you are my power, my inspiration in all that I do,

I am the one who loves you the most. You know that darling, don't you?