A Song For The Children

Oh little sister, don't cry your friends have come over,

and my little brother go on play with your friends on the street,

This is your time to smile and enjoy this world,

as the elders enjoy seeing the happiness in you my boy, in you my girl.


Look at the children dance as they sing a new song,

But why does their happiness end, every time the elders do wrong?

It is the same old story, where the evil do bad and the innocent suffer,

This is the world we live in - not sparing a thought for the other.


We go to our shrines to praise our Lords,

But on the way out, we want others to treat us as Gods.

What ever happened to the simplicity that once human did treasure

Is it gone now - having been taken over by our self-centered pleasure.


What or who are we waiting for to make things better,

A saviour, priest, rabbi - why do we need to depend on a leader.

The start for peace lies within you so wake up and picture the world that can be brighter

For you, me, and above all the children who we must give a better yet simple and sweet future