There's something that I've got to give you,

Something that tells you that I always want to be with you.

Even though it fits into your finger,

It tells you that I'll always be here.


I'm so happy, I've never been on such a high,

I feel so alive, and heaven only knows why.

Another few minutes of this and I think you'll cry,

I feel the heights of joy, and heaven only knows why.


My heart beats faster as I approach you,

I put my hand in my pocket and present this little box to you.

Your eyes widen, and your smiles says it all to me,

You see the ring darling and then you kiss me.


We feel so alive, like we can never die

Happiness is all that we feel and heaven only knows why.

I saw it coming, and now there are tears in your eye,

We locked ourselves in a silent hug, and heaven only knows why.