I see my younger self, in my two year old son,

He reminds his mother too, of all the madness she'd done.

When he cries for no reason, my mother says he's like me,

And when he's cheerful, he is the prettiest sight there can be.


His mother has given up her career she loves him like crazy,

He repays her by teasing her, by sleeping close to me.

She can't believe how ungrateful this young one can be,

So conveniently she claims that he's ungrateful just like me.


I get home late and the wife ain't to pleased about it all,

She's even more sad, as I promised I would, but forgot to call.

So she tries to be calm, yet waiting to yell, just like a typical lady

When we lay in bed, somehow my little son hugs his mother and ignores me.

Does he understand that I've hurt his mum, thus ignoring me here,

His mother hugs him tightly, and smiles to say that he's sensible just like her.