As the sun light touched the ocean, making the waters glitter like gold,

And the wind blew gently, with a slight chill made it cold.

I sat there on the shore, smiling at what I could see,

Sheer joy, watching the little children play by the sea.


There is so much innocence, yet so much madness in this view,

Some were hesitant to touch the water, while the others splashed as they knew.

I see a young girl, as she elegantly dips her feet into the sea,

I see a sight that bring back lovely memories of my friends and me.


A tear rolls down my cheek, it slaps a reality onto me,

It reminds me of my death, which is moving towards me.

I won't see these kids dancing, some of them just for me,

I probably won't be alive to bring these darling here again with me.


I know I'm dying, I'll be taken away to a place never known

I wonder if these kids will ever remember me, when they've grown.

My soul could go to where ever, my body buried in the ground,

I could smile in a garden, or burn with fire all around

Life can leave me, and death may take me

But I'll rest smiling, remembering those children - running by the sea.