Well here's a short summary, which I hope says it all. I was born on October 7th 1968 in lovely GOA. My parents Romeo and Zelia Almeida, did everything possible to offer me the best, and I couldn't have asked for more. They seem to be friends, yet reminding me that they are parents too when I do cross the limits.

I'm not really into religion and absolutely hate politics. I believe in a GOD and religion to me, is the way that I choose to communicate to GOD (haven't been doing that though, out of sheer rebellions, for all the problems in the world).

I'm a full time computer professional, but my first love remains filmmaking. Writing is my second love, and I write these verses basically to let my heart speak to me, and to my world.

I love arts from all over. I love listening to fusion instrumental music and good rock, amongst the other normal stuff. Good cinema and good performances are something that I get hooked on.

I really wish the world was much smaller in terms of man made parameters, such as religions, nationalities, colours and beliefs.

I cook, eat, sleep and am yet to be disciplined about my life. I love the company of genuine people. Liars are pricks, bigger pricks than even politicians.