Well after the huge acknowledgement section in my previous book, I've decided to keep this short and sweet, so here goes. From the bottom of my heart, I'd like to say thanks to:-

Mum & Dad (for all of it)

Eugene, Cooks & Elaine (who generally just put up with me)

Tulika (for smiling, the cuteness & the stupid fights)

Pratiba (for making life better and the inspiration)

Lovelyn (for painting a rainbow in the sky)

Suman (without who this never would have been possible)

Dr. Manohar Sardesai (for un-measurable guidance)

Shawn (for making sense)

Vijay (for madness) & Anand (for disciplined madness)

LYNX (for good 'live' music)

Remo, Alexyz, Maurice, Wendell Rodricks & Emiliano Da Cruz (for all the encouragement)


All my friends and well wishers who helped me move on.