The Careless Fuck

There is a world in which my heart never seems to be comfortable

I bleed to let flow the dirty blood that belongs to this so called human race

The milk of human kindness does not want to leave me

because there is a question on it's purity.


Look at their faces that tell such an innocent story

they are by far the bravest people on this earth

It is not their fault that they are orphaned and out of luck,

they are the consequence of an unorganized and careless fuck.


If you do not want to bring up a child, take protective measures

you'll ignore common sense and give priority to your own pleasures.

you'll bring into this world an innocent little boy or girl,

you had your moment. What about the consequence? What about their life in this world?


Think of those innocent kids and the life they now lead,

where is that love, the mother and father they so badly need.

Shame on you ignorant people, can't you see this whole thing does suck,

Spare a thought, before that careless fuck.