That Woman In Calcutta

Who is that woman,

that woman in Calcutta?

Who is that woman,

the woman who has turned the eyes of love towards India?


Million of people's tears pour out of her deep eyes,

her voice is the sound of the innocent cries.

giving her whole life and love for the abandoned every single day

opening the eyes of people like me by what she does and what she has to say.


No sacred one has convinced my inquisitive mind,

no one else has thought this sinner to love and be kind,

My ears have still not heard any religious call

But I feel that her way of life is a religion to us all.


Mother Teresa, you made this selfish heart cry,

you are a saint, you never will die,

It would be stupid to compare a politician or religious leader to you,

because you are life, love and the light who is showing us all what we must do.


And as I end these humble lines, trying to express a sincere feeling,

I must tell you that you have given my life a new meaning.

To you and the fellow workers who work with you,

I love you'll and admire everything that you'll do.