My Sweet Bundle Of Joy.

A strange passion has started to grow within,

I sense Iíve got something on my mind.

Youíre making me happy, how can this be,

I donít know you at all, but thoughts of you make me leave my problems behind.


This is love, How I do not know,

its a dimension of love that I wasnít aware of before.

Never felt this kind of happiness, here it is and not by choice,

without seeing your face, neither having heard your voice.


You came as a small bundle, and brought along the universe full of happiness with you,

your smile in the morning makes the world forget the emotion of pain.

Youíre an angelís soul, that soothes our life, but youíre a baby devil too,

who takes your elders to childhood all over again.


How can somebody as small as you bring so much joy to people around the world,

your pretty face and cute smile, is going to break many hearts my mischievous girl.

May you grow to be a fine, intelligent young lady,

who will bring happiness to all wherever you may be.


And "mum & dad" will hold on to you tight,

while you repay them, by crying and waking them up all through the night.

And your uncle here, will help you through life, to distinguish between the wrong and right,

youíll be a true woman, as you take hints observing your grandma and grandpa fight.


And someone had plans to teach you the ropes, and had hoped that youíd be a boy,

you turned out much better Elaine, my sweet bundle of joy.