The Bitch

Manís desire, victim of a selfish characterless womanís pleasure,

dangerous game, his eyes just die to see her.

Innocence and slyness, embraced and kissed, to a song that nobody ever sung,

he never knew how it all ended and God knows how it all begun.


Pleasureís of the body, and torturing of the innocent mind,

the fantasy of the bitch, with his love walking behind.

Pleasure was mistaken for love, not knowing which as which,

his innocent heart was now a complete prisoner of the heartless bitch.


Her entire love, she claims she contributed to it all,

yet letting those ex-flames come between them, she let them build a wall.

She has no emotion just the fantasy of having a young lover,

who would die, hurt and even sacrifice love just for the sake of her.


This is the world that the guy lived in,

where true love just got corrupted in that ignorant womanís world of sin.

And all in all, she was never dependant on him, she played him like a switch,

he forgot life, itís colors and all for the ignorant, selfish bitch.


He is patching his life now, sheís in bed with another,

He still canít understand, how there could exist somebody like her.