Secret Admirer

Wake up to the smile of your pretty face,

The prettiest in this entire human race.

I really am lost for words, I just do not know what to say,

except feel that God must have created you on the eight day.


Youíve rolled the dice in this heart beat game

after seeing you girl, things have never been the same.

You're just gorgeous, a sugar who can keep any man alive,

I'm just a boring computer brain, doing the nine to five.


I set eyes on you, on a rainy day in London town,

A fashion designer friend showed me your picture, and a new emotion I had found.

I wasn't drunk, but could really touch the sky,

didn't smoke a joint, so I know I wasn't high.


That night as I strummed my guitar at my local night spot,

amongst all the preying women, you'd expect things to be hot.

Didnít care about the women there, didn't care if my move was wrong or right,

backed by the band, dedicated a song to you that night.


And as the gals and guys pestered me later,

to confess the name of this person I had tripped over.

I stayed numb, being a victim of their harassment

It was worth it, after all I had discovered a wonderful sentiment.


And suddenly computers don't buzz me anymore,

the workaholic in me is out, not like before.

Friends think that I've turned even more weirder,

how can I tell them that I've tripped over you my dear?


But then unfortunately, a little parable comes to mind,

and regrettable I have to leave the greatest buzz on earth behind.

You hang out with the dudes of society, I watched it on my TV,

so I'm sitting here again at midnight working, just my designs, computers and me.