The Uncultured Acknowledgment

I have to start of with a major thanks to Life! For all the shades, colors and mystery that she has to offer, I thank you with all sincerity

If it was not for the way my parents brought me up, I would never ever have been able to appreciate what I think are the beautiful and lovely things in life. They have always been a great support. Thanks to them for everything I own, (which is quite a bit - especially since the inheritance bill was passed). Thanks for being my parents and friends. I do love you two very much.

I would like to thank Eugene "Pacheli" Almeida (cousin-cum-friend-cum-brother in law)- the guy who really is the reason behind me ever coming out of my artistic shell. Thank you very much. He is one of the hand full of people who I can say, knows my moods & my deepest and darkest of secrets. Must mention a huge "I’m-Not-Worthy" to his speeches on life and his favorite subject "I’d do anything for you man!!!". Thanks to my sister Cooks "the -Cosmopolitan & now turned beauty-therapist". Her love as a younger sister, even though mysterious at all times, is part of my life. Thanks Cooks. A huge thank you to my niece Elaine, for being such a tiny bundle of joy who constantly gives me and the rest of our family so much joy and smiles. A Thank-you goes to all my extended (now that I’ve got this Page on the Internet - and specially 100 editions of this book) family (in-laws and out-laws included). From the bottom of my heart gratitude goes to my grand parents, especially nana.

I would like to take a moment to thank all the lovely people I have met in my life to date. People who regardless of their color, religion or sex, that have shown me an example by their humble and sweet ways of life. People who have really lived up to the definition of the word FRIENDS.

I would especially like to thank Sanjay "Schaawiing" Barot for being my best friend, & to Mark "Golfing-Palace" Dent too. Thanks to the entire Dent family.  A special mention goes to the closest of them all, the late Andrew Hudson, who tragically died in Botswana (Africa). I remember you Andrew, I know you are in a better place than I am. Thanks for being such a special and wonderful friend. On this tone of friendship, I would like to say a special thank you to Feroz ""You ain't seen nothing yet - I am an Individual person" Ahamad, and of course Shawn "Pandu-The Passion-Designer" Couthinha for just being pandu.

Thanks to all the folks in the London gang for living it up the wild way. This includes the NESCOT gang (for Good Education, women and Football), the Peglink folks (for bravely going where no "accounting-brown-man" dared go, for teaching us that there is only one Siva, the women (Gill, Laura etc - women in computing thing)). The folk fusion whatever group, specially Francis for teaching me the first few chords on the guitar and then pushing me into performing that live a few days later and also to the women who came and heard me perform. To the "London Film Makers Co-Op" for teaching me my first love (film making) and making me realize that film-making wasn't about sex on the sets. Damn…!!! Finally, the wonderful flat-mates who over the years learnt to live with my guitar playing, very stylish attempts at cooking Chinese cuisine and for bravely living on what I cooked. Must mention fond memories of Liz and Raymond, Antonia & Jamila.

Thanks to the women (all of them) that I have had the pleasure of knowing and still know (those still left - married ones included), thanks for feeding my stomach and my ego when I was down. I don't want to leave anybody out of this, so this includes the Women who were very nice people when we started off and suddenly became weird as the months (Years in two instances) went by. Smiles and love always!

A mention must go to the Bismark family in Bombay for their love and support since I've known them. Their inspiration, talent and homeliness must be mentioned. Especial mention to Chris Bismark who in my opinion is a genius and very talented guitarist, for showing me that we should never give up our dreams and ambitions. Gratefulness to Ino & Sophiya, Dr. Manohar Sardesai, Felix Cardoz, Valmiki and Hilary (good friends cum-spiritual therapist) and to Dr. Ravi Chodankar, and his family (especially the excellent chicken curry his wife makes).

I must also, from the very bottom of my heart, thank Ketan "The Sexiest Man walking on this planet" Kumar (he thinks) and Nitin "Mr. Tall, dark & handsome cum entrepreneur" Shetty (he too thinks). I just can’t leave Ifty ‘Yuppiest of them all (with 3 free e-mail addresses on the net, and oh yes a mobile too)' Ahmed for that laugh and for just being around. With a lot of love I thank Tara & Vinayak,(now bundled with little Tanvi), Becky and (Old Man) Craig and not forgetting Pradeep, Urmilaka (Not worthy to the cuisine), Akansha & Annu. Thanks and love to Tejas & Urvi, and to Dominic & Lorraine too. I’d like to say a huge thank you to Morris & Sunita (Joshua & ‘pretty’ Page included) for all the help & support always.

A thank you must go to Jawed "The invisible man with the (rented) 4 wheel drive and the (rented) mobile" Hasan, and also to Rashid "Grooviest person on earth - seriously" Ali Khan. Thanks also to Ferdi "Dash Good" Martin, Tarun "only Sindhi I know" Doswani, Khalid "Changed Man" Khamis & Naeem "One day I'll be at work" Fakri. Thanks for just making me feel better about myself, whenever I was in the low lands. All I had to do was take a look at you guys and I’d realize I wasn’t that badly screwed up after all.

I would like to thank Azhar Zia-Ur-Rehman for his tremendous help, support and guidance always and amazing me with his thoughts and ideas. Yatin "soundest advise" Mahajan, has taught me that humour does deteriorate with age, nevertheless his presence has always cheered me up and he is full of sound advise. Krishna "Saviour - always" Swamy, does live up to his name. He has been a real saviour on numerous occasions and when he's not he tries very hard to be sarcastic about me being very ungrateful. Needless to say he fails at that and somehow always remains as a heck of a friend. These guys have always been true friends (maybe it's cause they are old - or perhaps just married). They are all very dear to me. Thank you for everything. I owe a lot of my professional and personal success to their guidance and teachings.(now you know why I still haven't made it, eh!).

A hats-off along with the thanks to Feysal Yousuf for making SEPADO (an environmental organization) happen. His dedication and commitment to SEPADO has been admired. It was a pleasure to make the video documentary for the cause. Besides that he's a cool guy, a good friend and oceans full of support, encouragement and crazy ideas.

I must mention Shiraz Lambada. There's a saying that "you always know one of those", so to Shiraz the only Microsoft person I know. Besides this he can be pretty cool at times. At times. After trying for hours and hours.

A bouquet of love goes to 6 wonderful people, namely - Terry, Gus, Abigail, Jude, Conny and not forgetting Cassy for their simplicity as individuals and immense talent as the band 'LYNX'.

In a way I would like to say thanks to all the Ignorant and stupid people I have come across. These folk have shown me the things I shouldn't possess or do in life, namely backbiting, selfishness (they know the rest...).