About the author

Born on the 7th day of October 1968, in a little nursing home in GOA, INDIA. The first child of Mr. Romeo and Mrs. Zelia Almeida, I grew up in lovely GOA on the Calangute coastline. Childhood was spent with forceful visits to the church for Sunday mass, trying to play the guitar, few amateur gigs here and there (just to get famous and get laid) and a desire to be one of India's best film-makers. I schooled in Calangute too and that's where I started to write stuff, mainly lyrics so that one day we'd be serious enough to compose the tunes to them.

After the usual schooling I moved to London, where my parents sponsored my higher education. When asked what I wanted to do, I remember replying "film-making" and getting yelled that they didn't want to spend their money making me a damn film-maker. The second choice was computing. I graduated at that in London and then while working for a software house, I spent over a year doing various short courses in filmmaking at the "London Film-maker's Co-op" in Camden town (London). All along I kept writing short verses just to express whatever emotions I felt within. Before I knew it, writing these verses became the chosen way to communicate with the soul within me.

While in GOA, India was just a picture on the globe and, an awareness that I was a part of her. In London, I got exposed to the world and there realized how wonderful and mystical India really was. India inspired me. I then knew that I wanted to return back to her. Write about and make films based on and in India. I want to tell the world about India, my fellow Indians and our cultures and attitudes, then and now. We are not just about the RAJ and the TAJ MAHAL. We are not just about spiritual fanatics and poverty on the streets. We are not only about the 'Kama Sutra'.

Right now, I'm based in the middle east, working in my computing field, trying to get the balls to say "Sod all of this, I'm off to fulfill my dreams" (I'm nearly there). I'm still hoping to. In the meantime I short-listed a few of the poems and put them together in the form of a WEB page. What better audience could I expect than the users of the Internet? I never wrote for money, these are my offerings back to the community that I am a part of. To a world that I am a citizen of.